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i know everyone is going nuts about all of the other huge news stories going on right now but

A 15-year-old boy who was raped by a 34-year-old woman now faces child support in Nebraska.

This is the case for now 19-year-old Jeremy Steen, of Lincoln, Nebraska. In 2008, Steen was seduced and raped repeatedly by his 34-year-old baby sitter Linda Kazinsky. Sources testified that the sexual abuse took place weekly for nearly 3 years. After police were alerted, Ms. Kazinsky was arrested and charged with statutory rape and false imprisonment.

Kazinsky was employed as a babysitter for the Steens for nearly 3 years.

After Kazinsky’s release from Nebraska’s state prison system in 2012 she was able to regain custody of her child. The child had been a ward of the state for the first 13 months until Debra Kazinsky, Linda’s sister, was able to gain custody. After being reunited with her child, Kazinsky promptly filed for Aid and Government assistance which in turn landed Jeremy with a subpena for child support.

Jeremy had his day in court and was ordered to pay $475 a month in child support to Linda Kazinsky as well as a whopping $23,000 in back Child Support payments.

  • This adult woman raped a 15 year old boy weekly over the course of THREE YEARS
  • This woman only saw the inside of a jail cell for one YEAR
  • This woman got pregnant with his child and WON CUSTODY OF THAT CHILD
  • and this child is being forced to pay child support to his rapist.
  • This 15 year old must pay her 475 a month
  • and apparently owes her 23K in pack payments
  • TO
  • HIS
i am so angry

The fuck wrong with this country?

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